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Income Tax Returns: Top Ways to Maximise Your Tax Refund

by Lydia Washington

Tax processes can be rather tiring and complicated. But it is crucial to go over your taxes accurately to enjoy deductions. Unfortunately, not every Australian gets their full tax refund every year. That's because of the stringent rules governing refund claims. If you want to enjoy tax deduction when filing your income tax returns, follow the tips below.

Maintain Accurate Records

One of the primary reasons people get denied a maximum tax refund is because of improper tax records. To maximise your tax refund, you should keep receipts of any work-related purchases to help you in making your final tax records. Luckily, technology makes it possible to save your receipts on the tax website. 

Accurate records go a long way in facilitating tax return filing. When that period comes, you will hand over the records to your tax accounting expert. They have a deep understanding of the claimable expenses and those that are not. With that, they will guide you through to ensure you get maximum refunds for your claimable expenses. 

Find out What Is Deductible

Some people get more from their tax returns because they understand the expenses they can claim. The Australian revenue collection body (ATO) provides a long list of deductible expenses, and these are easily found on their website. With most people working from home these days, the ATO allows claiming a portion of your internet, electricity and phone bills. However, you cannot claim a deduction on coffee expenses as this is not a necessity. 

Consider hiring an income tax return accountant if you cannot keep up with the constant changes made on the deductible expenses. These professionals stay updated with changes to the ATO, and so they will help you make correct claims. 

Avoid Following Any Pre-Filled Data

The ATO's system usually has pre-filled information about your income. This data is mostly incomplete because banks and other third parties may delay sending your information to the ATO. If you file your taxes early using ATO's system, you'll likely have a lot of missing data. When the ATO detects omitted income, you will be answerable for it. 

Additionally, pre-filled information reduces the chances of getting maximum returns. Income tax return accountants don't rely on pre-filled data when filing their clients' taxes. They take the time to go over all your finances to fill in the correct information and ensure you get a favourable outcome. 

The most exciting part of the income tax returns process is the refund. If you are having trouble figuring out your tax refund, hire a qualified tax accountant. Expert tax accountants understand the proper steps to take when filing taxes and the deductions to claim. Contact an income tax return accountant for more information.